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What is PreOwned

A PreOwned/Refurbished Mobile Phone is a mobile phone which is being exchanged by customer for a new mobile phone under some or the other exchange programs run by brands and their partner stores. Since these are exchanged handsets, these do not come with brand box or branded accessories. Since the handset is being used for a while by a customer and then exchanged for a new product, it needs a proper quality check and refurbishing also to make it functionally proper to be used by a new customer. 

Minte buys the PreOwned/Refurbished Mobile Phones from the brands and their leading online and offline partner stores. When a customer exchanges any used mobile phone for a new mobile phone, these exchanged mobile phones are categorized as PreOwned/Refurbished Mobile Phones. Minte buys these mobile phones and post a thorough 72 Point Comprehensive Check these products are made live on our website for sale as PreOwned/Refurbished Mobile Phones.