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In the mobile-phone retail segment, there are 3 types of phones available for purchase –new phones, refurbished phones and ‘open-box’ phones.

Undeniably, there has been a seismic shift in buying and selling electronic and IT products and tech gadgets which have added newer dimensions to the mobile phone shopping experience. While most of us are aware of the ‘refurbished’ category of products, the terms ‘open-box’, ‘unboxed’ or ‘unused’ is still relatively new to us. Let’s talk about ‘open-box’ phones …

Contrary to popular perception, ‘open-box’ phones are unused phones (or minimally used phones) and this category is not the same as ‘refurbished’ phones, which are repaired versions of damaged phones. ‘Open-box’, as a category in India has emerged due to the preference of Indian consumers for branded mobile phones at a discounted price during the last 2 years.

E-Commerce Companies

As per existing terminology followed by established e-commerce companies, when a mobile phone is unpacked by a customer, and then returned to the seller for valid reasons, this phone, in ‘working‘ condition, is categorized as an ‘open-box’ or ‘unboxed’ phone. These are then checked for original accessories, external and internal damages, etc., and retailed back at a discounted price.


In most cases, brand warranty or seller warranty is also provided for ‘open-box’ phones. It is always a good idea to opt for an ‘open-box’ phone when the new phone is actually beyond one’s budget. Buying an open-box phone at a substantially reduced price is a good deal, especially for college students and people who are keen to upgrade their phone without spending too much. An online survey claims that almost 70 percent population, from Tier II and III cities in India, purchase phones that are not ’brand new’. Browse for an amazing collection of open-box mobile phones.