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Accelerating electronics purchase

India buys around 2.5 Cr smart phones every month. This means as many phones are recirculated into the system every month, either through formal or informal channels. There is less sentimental attachment towards a used phone these days. The reverse supply ecosystem requires strong partners to accept and move the used phones. Minte is one of the pioneers in this space. We buy used electronics from businesses thereby powering the acceleration of new electronics purchases

Powering aspirations

Electronics, more particularly mobile phones, have become essential to almost every individual today. Aspirational value and brand alignment is taking over, with the number of upgrade cycles a customer has already gone through. India still is a very price sensitive market - this combined with aspirational value, provides a sustainable business for players in this space. We sell used electronics to wholesalers, retailers and consumers thereby powering their aspirations

Driving with technology

Trading in used goods is tricky. We understand we are dealing with products that have depreciating value and that the replacements are more advanced. Hence we pump in our expertise and experience into technology backed applications to make our business and operations sustainable. Minte today has proprietary applications for buy, process, sell, price discovery, diagnosis, etc. We build applications for use across used goods space

Our Services

We provide various services that include;

  • Purchase of exchange phones from e-commerce players

  • Buy demo phones and end of life phones from retailers

  • Provide Assured Buy Back pricing based on algorithms

  • Support in liquidation of open-box and end of life stock for e-commerce platforms and mobile phone brands

  • Sales of phones to India-wide used electronics wholesalers and retailers

  • Provide complete exchange support to offline Large Format Retail chain partners for their used phones and Assured Buy Back phones

  • ERP application for used electronics

  • Diagnostics application for mobile phones

  • Buy back and exchange application for used goods

  • Quality check, repair, refurbishment and certification of mobile phones

  • Service and repair centres for mobile and accessories brands

  • Channelising the end of life products and components for responsible recycling (through partner entities)

  • Recycling of Lithium Ion batteries (through partner entities)

  • Metal extraction (through partner entities)

Minte Process

Intelligence & hypothesis driven

Minte leverages deep experience and hypothesis driven decision making. We have developed various technology enabled applications during the last few years;

  • Mobile Phone Diagnostic Application

  • Enterprise Resource Planning & Work-flow Management Application

  • Large Format Retail Chains Exchange Application

  • Buyer Visibility & Purchase Application

  • Parameter based price discovery Application for mobile phones

  • Exchange support application